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Mar 25, 2013 3:00am PDT
of the congress is what? the debt ceiling? >> debt ceiling. it's a continuing resolution. i guess that's been passed. >> already passed. >> the debt ceiling, which i think was anticnated august or september, last week, i haven't checked all of the details. the last time i checked in with this, way back when the republican senators had dinner with president obama,ists told that they didn't expect the debt ceiling issue to come to a head until august or september. so, they've kind of kicked the can down on the road on that one. it will be awhile. i suspects on the budget that will be the next big thing. >> one more time. you may have missed a few if you were out of town but michelle bachman gave a controversial speech at cpac where she went after the president for living a life of luxury in the white house including the fact that he had, you know, six-figured dog walker, dana bash from cnn tried to chase down michelle bachman. she had to chase her down running, michelle bachman running away. we will play a quick clip where she refuses to back up her charge about the dog walker. here
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Mar 24, 2013 8:00pm EDT
to force the senate to pass budget. this was part of the deal by extending the debt ceiling. because they wanted to make the democrats vote on a budget. lou: how can so many memers of our senate continued to spend whatever and the like they have on these procedural maneuvers. >> that is basically what the senate does. >> there i go. >> constituency to get the house and the senate together. no presidenal leadership yet for a grand bargain. no sense that we can reform the tax system and entitlements. perform defense and have a rational rational and reasonable defense. >> why in the world is the president of the united states not moving forward with a budget that would be a blueprt to resolving those proposals? >> the words that seem to be operative here are cowardice or opportunism. it has to be one of the two. >> to do the wronthing continually is not the act of a coward. lou: are you saying that the president is incapable of doing the right thing? >> i'm comparing how talented this man is. >> why doesn't he apply that? >> you know, that turns out to be laughable. the odds are empirically before him. you know, that is just unreasonable. >> there is another word we are leaving out, which is
Mar 25, 2013 2:00pm EDT
they're up against. >> that's going to run right into the debt ceiling? how's the market going to react? >> really coming back and having about half of the earlier losses. that will do it for power lunch. >> we will see how it goes. "street signs" begins right now. >> and welcome to street signs. we started the die and we thought we might see a new high. what is behind today's reversal and what will it take to breakthrough to new highs? the company bringing on its founders. so is this the best move for best buy? plus it's all about accessories right? the ceo joins us the dough is, as you can see now down. but definitely off the lows for the day. the s&p 500 marks the fifth attempt this month that that index has come within five points of its all-time closing high. all three indexes are coming off of the lows of the day. michelle, you know what? is it or isn't it a template for restructuring? a lot of confusion from those comments. >> yes, so first the president says cyprus will be a template and then his aide walks it back and says this is a unique case. what he means by a template is e
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)